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Brahmaputra River Expedition

An exciting, true expedition style journey down one of the world's greatest rivers, The Tsang Po river, after flowing gently eastwards through Tibet, cuts the Greater Himalaya and the highest unclimbed mountain in the world, Namche Barwa before it enters Arunachal Pradesh, where the expedition begins, a few miles inside the line-of-control with China. Its now called the Siang, or the Upper Brahmaputra.

The expedition begins with a ferry boat ride at Dibrugarh up the river to the plains of Pasighat, where the river enters India. It travels through remote hillsides dotted with tribal settlements in clearings surrounded by dense rainforest with many species of ferns, palms and orchids. It negotiates the finest big volume white water in an area, which is surely one of the most inaccessible in the world.A week long, 180 km long self contained run from Tuting to Pasighat through one of themost inaccessible regions in the world makes this one of the most premier expeditions offered. It's a complete expedition with a fabulous ferry ride up the river, a two day drive through rainforest and remote tribal villages, and an expedition down one of the worlds greatest rivers.

Be an expedition member on one of the top rafting expeditions in the world!

The most exciting way to run the Upper Brahmaputra's (or Siang as its known in Arunachal Pradesh) legendary big drops, rapids, riffles, and strong eddies is on a 08-day river trip in 16 or 18 foot long hypalon paddle or oar-paddle combination rafts. Before launching from the put-in at Tuting, your guides will instruct you in the fundamentals of safety, paddling, white-water, and self-rescue. After your day-one plunge through a ten-mile stretch with some of the biggest rapids rafted commercially (they are massive but really, doable), rapids known as "Ningguing" (twice the size of "Lava Falls on the Colorado) and 'Pulsating Palsi", you'll be ready to navigate down the Ningguing and Marmong gorges. You will raft down big drops in the gorge including the 'Roaring Rikor" and "Zebra Rock" till the portage on "Toothfairy" rapid at Cherring. You will scout "Moing Madness" and see huge 20 foot plus breakers within arms length. You will spend days floating down the vastness of this river, past tribal settlements, run down "Karko Rapid" and brace yourself for the final drop at the "Pongging Punch".

This river changed forever after a flood of June 2000 sent the river up 150 feet, destroying everything in its path. Aquaterra Adventures ran the first open fixed departure on this river in Nov-Dec 2002, running a crew of over 50 down a path breaking trip which documented the river for all who care to join future expeditions. Since then, we are the only outfitter offering fixed departure trips on this river and very clearly, have the superior skills, equipment, guides and staff, who make this "real life expedition" an outstanding success.

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