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Hiking in Sikkim

Hiking in Sikkim offers you an opportunity to visit various Buddhist monasteries. There are prescribed hiking trails along with Nathula Pass and of course, the tougher Dzongri region and the more difficult Bakhim. If you have a taste for the rugged mountainous wilds of Sikkim, you will love the challenge these mountains pose and also the wonderful scenic views, the pure and fragrant air and the quiet. So close to India yet it is like a journey through time and space into another world when you hike the trails of Sikkim. Hiking tours are pre-arranged by Chrysalid Outdoors so as you walk from one destination to another, you have access to the best dining and of course, your baggage is transported to your hotel where you can relax and refresh yourself at the end of a hard day’s hiking. We know the area and make the best arrangements to make your hiking trip a memorable one.

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