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Mountain Biking in Garhwal

Yes, there are some truly sleep slopes in Garhwal where you can go biking. Biking takes you a lot many places than simple trekking and each slope of the Himalayas offers you . Chrysalid Outdoors offers exciting mountain biking experiences in Garhwal. Follow the high road up into the hills and pause to look down into the valleys as you have some refreshments at wayside stalls. Feel the breeze, smell the scents, the enchantment and the magic of Garhwal as they beckon you ever upwards where clouds brush against peaks. From Rishikesh to New Tehri to Tehri Dharasu and then on to Uttar Kashi and Bhatwari and still upwards to the hallowed peaks of Gangotri can be a divinely rewarding experience. It is a carefree trip with Chrysalid Outdoors as we have a separate vehicle transport your baggage. Lodgings and meals are all arranged for your comfort and relaxation at the end of an arduous mountain biking day.

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