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Mountain Biking in Kumaon

Kumaon has Nanda Devi, the second highest Himalayan mountain peak in India and one of the must see places on your itinerary if you are visiting Uttarakhand. Pilgrimage places apart, there are places of scenic and splendorous beauty that would best be explored when you go mountain biking in Kumaon, bringing you close to its land, its culture and people. Biking across the flat lands of Almora can be a pleasurable and leisurely experience. Move on to Bageshwar and bike along the Gomati, stop to explore forests along the way if you like, camp along the riverside and move on to Kausani, the land getting steeper as you go along. Then there is the bike trip to Someshwar and Ranikhet where you can explore the botanical gardens and the innumerable orchards. From here cycle to Corbett Park and then amble along the Kosi moving through dacoit land. Chrysalid Outdoors arranges everything from baggage transport to accommodation for you so you concentrate on your biking trip in the heart of Kumaon.

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