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Mountain Biking in Sikkim

Mountain Biking in Sikkim through the Chrysalid Outdoors experience affords you an opportunity to move around more, meet people in the countryside, pause when you want to, admire the view, the flora and fauna, and then get down to biking up or down the slopes. It can be a week long ride in the lap of mother nature. You start at Martam Temi, ride over the Sirwani Bridge over the Teesta River, traverse tea gardens and go on to Ravangla the next day. Our vans move your luggage to pre-arranged hotels where you can spend the night and go on to Yuksam, Pemayangtse, the following days, and then finally return to Darjeeling.

Mountain biking in Sikkim requires a degree of physical fitness and stamina since you will negotiate steep slopes and rocky terrain most of the time. So come prepared! However, we promise mountain biking in Sikkim will be a worthwhile experience like no other, especially since we make all arrangements to let you derive maximum pleasure without having to bother about luggage or accommodation.

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