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Rock Climbing in Delhi (PBG)

This is an amazing place, hidden away from sight right in the centre of the city. There is one big wall which has a great 30-35 foot traverse, and about 9-10 climbs. The climbs are all about 25-30 ft. high and the grades range from 5.8 to 5.11d. Two climbs have pre-placed pitons and can be led, but the others all have to be top-roped. There is another smaller wall on the right, which has two more traverses. Newcomers always feel that the grading is a little severe but once you get used to the climbs they seem a little easier. Access is free, but it's best to inform the guards around that you'll be climbing. Also, since the rocks are in the jungle, be sure to bring something to cut away the thorns!

Nearest town or city: Delhi
Directions: Drive down Willingdon Crescent (now Mother Teresa Crescent) in the centre of Delhi (near Connaught Place) until you see a small sign saying "Parade Grounds", opposite the Dandi March statues. Turn in and follow the small road until you reach the clubhouse and grounds of the President's Body Guards. Park on the side, inform the guards that you will be climbing, and follow the almost non-existent trail into the jungle on your right until you arrive at the wall.
Quantity of Climbs: Week

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